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dentil moulding used as crown moulding                embossed picture frame moulding                 embossed moulding made with hardwood for architectural moulding

       Embossed Crowns                                       Embossed Picture Frame Moldings                               Small Patterns

       Dentil Crowns                                             More  Embossed  Mouldings                                          Large Patterns

      Casings                                                        Plain Picture Frame Moldings                                        More Pattern

      Chair Rail                                                    More  Plain  Mouldings

      Base Mouldings                                            More Plain Mouldings II                                These embossing patterns can be used

      Blocks & Rosettes                                        IN - STOCK Plain Mouldings                         to design custom moulding, however,

      Small Profiles                                             IN - STOCK Embossed Mouldings                   considerable costs are involved.

Hardwood Mouldings (Moldings):

The beauty and durability of real hardwoods are unmatched.  Synthetic materials lack the warmth

and longevity of oak, cherry, ash, poplar, maple, basswood and ramin.  Wood stands up to abuse

and actually improves with age.  Wood can easily be made into custom shapes to meet the needs

of the discriminating buyer.

Embossed Moulding (Moldings)

Embossing is added to wood by pressing and burning a pattern into the wood with a metal die.

The resulting pattern is all wood; it works, stains and looks like wood because it is wood.  It will

not break off, revealing a white material, like some applications will.  We have hundreds of

embossing wheels to offer a very wide variety of patterns.  Poplar is the ideal wood for embossing.

Basswood is also good.  Harder woods, like oak can be embossed, but the impression is not as deep.

Picture Frame Moulding (Molding):

Picture frame moulding has been our specialty for over 80 years.  We know the value of straight

wood moulding to the framer.  Though we have many hundreds of profiles in our knife library, we

specialize in customizing profiles for our customers.

Architectural Moulding (Molding):

We specialize in custom mouldings and an offering of embossed mouldings and dentil.  Many of

our patterns are unique to Yuenger Wood Moulding.  Also available is a complement of corner

blocks, rosettes, base blocks, plinth blocks and small profiles used for trim.

Custom Moulding (Molding):

We specialize in custom mouldings.  With our very large number of embossing wheels combined

with our ability to make cutting knives, there is no limit to the patterns that can be fabricated.  The

customer can pick an embossing pattern, draw a profile that is compatible with the embossing,

choose the wood and our specialists will do their best to put it all together for a unique product.

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