Base  Mouldings (Moldings)  &  Base  Caps

Base  Caps:

Base Caps are added to the top of an s4s board to enlarge and/or decorate the base molding.  An s4s or "1 by" is a flat square board that

can be found at any lumber yard or home store.  The "1 by" can have a nominal designation of 1 x 4, which has actual dimentions 1/4" thinner

and 1/2" narrower, so a 1 x 4 is actually 3/4" thick x 3-1/2" wide, s4s.

BC 151, BC 50, BC 51 and  BC 52 can be added to standard s4s lumber to form a decorative base moulding of almost any height.

For a very large base, BC 57 (4-7/8") can be added to a s4s board to make it even larger.

Examples of Combination Base Mouldings (Molding) using Base Cap and s4s lumber:

The black at the left of each moulding photo, is the cross section of the profile.

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