Blocks  and  Small  Profiles

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Corner  Blocks  (Rosettes)

Corner Blocks can be used at the upper corners of case moulding around doors and all corners around windows, for

 decoration and ease of installation.  The block should be sized 1/8" or 1/4" larger than the case moulding used.

Plinth  Blocks

Plinth Blocks are used at the base of a door at the floor.  The base moulding should butt up against the Plinth Block

where the base moulding comes to a door jam.

Corner  Blocks

Corner Blocks are used at corners, either inside or outside corner.  As with the Plinth Block, the base moulding

should butt up against the Corner Block at corners.

Small  Profiles

Small Profiles are used for decorative trim anywhere it is desired to add a touch of class to finished carpentry and