Crown  Moulding  -  Dentil  Moulding  -  Crown  Extender  Molding


The black, at the left side of each photo, is the cross section of the moulding profile.

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Crown  Extenders:

Crown Extenders, like CE 45 and CE 44, are used to extend the size of a crown moulding.

The crown extender is placed behind and below the crown moulding, such as CM 97, to extend the

moulding lower on the wall.  Crown extenders can be used with most any crown moulding.  CE 45

can also be placed behind and above the crown moulding on the ceiling, to wrap the moulding

further along the ceiling.

Hardwood  Moulding (Molding):

All the mouldings above are available in poplar and red oak; most can also be special ordered in

 cherry, hard white maple, soft maple, and ramin.  All mouldings are made from top grade lumber,

defected for knots and cracks.

Dentil  Moulding (Molding):

The dentil insert (D2, D3, D4) is cut from the same wood as the main moulding.  It is attached with

brads and glue to the crown moulding (CM92, CM93, CM94) to make CM92/2, CM93/3 & CM94/4.

The dentil may also be supplied unattached, depending on the wishes of the carpenter.

Embossed  Moulding (Molding):

Embossing patterns are made with heat and pressure that burns and impresses the pattern into the

wood.  Poplar is an excellent wood for embossing because it is firm enough to stand up to the

force of the embossing process, yet soft enough to take a deep impression.  With embossing, the

pattern is all wood, so it stains and otherwise acts as wood, because it is wood.