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The black at the left of each moulding photo, represents the cross section of the moulding profile.

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Hardwood Moulding, Molding:

Genuine hardwood moulding adds warmth, quality and durability to a room that composition and other wood

substitutes cannot match.  These embossed mouldings are generally stocked in both poplar and red oak.  Many

can also be provided as custom moulding in cherry, soft maple, ramin and basswood.  Some can be made in hard

white maple.  Generally, poplar is used for painted moulding, due to its low cost; additionally, poplar takes a stain

very nicely.

Embossed Moulding, Molding:

The embosssing pattern is put into the wood moulding with heat and pressure.  The pattern is thus part of the

wood, rather that laid atop the wood as with composition moulding.  The resulting wood molding works, stains,

cuts and looks like wood, because it is wood.  It is as tough and durable as wood, because it is all wood.

Crown Moulding, Molding:

Crown moulding or crown molding adds a highly visibly sign of quality to any room.  A large crown moulding

will tend to "lower the ceiling" on a room, so the larger (4 1/2" or more) should be used on ceilings of 9 ft and

higher.  Larger crown moldings can be built up using crown extenders.

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