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Hardwood Moulding:

The warmth and beauty of hardwood picture frames is durable and timeless.

Whether ash or oak, poplar or basswood, cherry or maple, or even ramin, the customer

will have no cause for buyer's regret after purchasing a quality hardwood frame.  Today

one can inspect hardwood frames 1000 years old at the finest museums.

Embossed Moulding:

Embossed patterns are impressed into the wood with heat and pressure.  The metal embossing

 wheel die has the pattern cut into the circumference of the wheel.  The picture frame moulding is

rolled between the die and a drive wheel below.  By lowering the upper embossing wheel, more

force pushes the pattern deeper into the wood.  The pattern is then part of the wood, not added

to the wood with another material.  The embossed pattern is very durable and resistant to damage.

Custom Moulding:

Custom profiles can be made to the desires of the customer.  Embossed patterns can be adjusted,

within limits, to adapt to the needs of the customer.  Picture frame moulding of almost any design

can be produced, to make the finest picture frames.


Picture frame moulding is available in poplar, basswood, ash, oak, cherry, maple and ramin.  Poplar

and basswood is stocked in 4/4, 5/4, 6/4 and 8/4 lumber.  White ash is stocked in 4/4 and 5/4.  Oak,

cherry, hard white maple, soft maple and ramin are stocked in 4/4 lumber.  Poplar is usually best for

embossing, because of its physical properties.  Basswood is generally good for embossed moulding.

Cherry soft maple and ramin are fair for embossing.  Ash and oak can be embossed with shallow patterns only

because they are quite hard.  Hard maple is unsuitable for embossing because it is very hard, but it is fine for

plain picture frame moulding.